The best website in the world is only of worth if people see it. One of the particular skills you get with Giles Digital Services is our ability to set up your website to be both found and noticed. The level of Web marketing varies with your needs and your budget.

With each of the e-commerce packages we provide web marketing services (the sophistication of which varies with the complexity of the site).

This involves registration with search engines, creation of Meta Tags, and then refinements aimed at making you more easily found by customers.

We will also advise on (and organize if required), links to/ from other sites, affiliate programmes, access to web rings, access to industry specific portals or search engines. This could also involve online advertising or the creation of e-mail lists, member clubs or e-newsletters.

We can also provide information and research on competitor sites, keeping you aware of changes and trends.

For e-commerce sites we can also provide market and traffic information about your visitors and customers.

Web Marketing