Mission Statement

“Giles Digital Services will enable small to medium businesses in Australia to participate in what is fast becoming the largest global market change ever - by providing a simple, affordable, complete and effective package that caters for all their Internet needs.”

There is a perception that all one has to do is put a website together, publish it onto the Internet and the dollars will roll in.

Don't we all wish anything could be that easy !

For your organization to gain maximum benefit there needs to be a carefully constructed strategy tailored to your organization's needs and goals. This also needs to be appropriate in terms of your resources, both physical and budgetary.

A key part of this process is sitting down with you to assess all of these considerations. formulating a strategy and putting together a specific package.
This package would include some of or all of the following services

We are able to help you with each of these services - thus providing a fully integrated solution from start to finish.

Web services